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Are you concerned about cloud security?  You should be!  This is an interesting article about how Microsoft is hardening cloud security with VC3 encryption.  Click here to read more...

Don't get Hacked ... Be Proactive


Can you ever be truly safe from hackers online is the question today? The answer - there is no guarantee. However, you can be proactive and lessen your chances of becoming the victim of a hacker. It's pretty simple!  Click here for easy to follow tips!

How to turn off Location History on an Apple smart device:


1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services (all the way at the bottom) > Frequent Locations

2. While in Frequent Locations, clear your history and then turn Frequent Locations Off

How to turn off Location History on an Android smart device:


1. Go to Settings > Network Connections > Location > Google Location History

2. While in Google Location History, select Delete Location History, then click Off to turn off Google Location History.